FlashProTuning is back and proud to provide two valuable services to our customers!

First we have our "Canned" Tune service -- which provides various selections for you to chose a tune that best matches your modifications. Simply flash it and go! A Hondata FlashPro is required (of course). 91 octane or better fuel require for all Canned Tunes. Don't see a tune that matches your mods? Contact Us to see if we can help

Second we have our "Basemap" service -- this can be anything from N/A setups to full blown Forced Induction setups. Need something to get your car fired up and to your tuner? This is the service for you -- we'll get you a map that will fire up your motor so you can make sure it runs, check for leaks and get the car to your tuner.

Typically 1 business day turn around on all paid requests. Tunes will be sent to the email address of the purchaser.

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